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Synonyms for Rastafarian

follower of Rastafarianism

(Ethiopia) adherents of an African religion that regards Ras Tafari as divine

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I may also assume that all Rastafarian mice can skateboard.
So I went up into the mountains and read everything I could about Rastafarians and what they stand for - they intrigued me, made me think.
The other day this Rastafarian stood up in a show and put his arms round me and called me his brother.
A MIDLAND Rastafarian claims he was unfairly dismissed as a tailor when he turned down a proposition for a foursome.
The police charged members of the Rastafarian sect with that assault.
The shaven headed singer has just released an album of Rastafarian spiritual songs.
Leaders from the Baha'i, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and Rastafarian faiths agreed to act at a conference in Georgetown, Guyana.
Going against the convention of keeping such rejections private, the Rastafarian poet said that the word "empire" made him feel angry and reminded him of slavery and brutality.
RASTAFARIAN poet Benjamin Zephaniah (left) today publicly rejected an invitation to accept a New Year honour calling it a legacy of colonialism.
A Rastafarian in Guam forces the feds to defend pot laws.
Rastafarian and Muslim inmates, on behalf of a c]ass of inmates whose avowed religious beliefs forbid them from cutting their hair or shaving their beards, sued District of Columbia and federal prison officials.
Zephaniah is a Jamaican who may be similar to one of his characters in this novel: a young man who is especially close to Ethiopia because of his Rastafarian faith.
US Airways has settled a lawsuit brought by a Jamaican employee who alleged that the airline failed to accommodate his Rastafarian religious beliefs.
Many reggae songs incorporate proverbs in the lyrics--proverbs that are deeply rooted in Rastafarian culture.
The hotel, emblazoned with the Rastafarian colors of green, red, and yellow, is unique because each room is named for an international black hero.