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follower of Rastafarianism

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However, Rastafari Reasoning and the RastaWoman provides readers with a glimpse of the challenges women face within the Rasta women in terms of social status, economic opportunities, and micro-level power restrictions and how such women have transcended such invisible barriers with respect to the same restrictive but sacred heritage.
Rasta Barber Shop was closed with its shutters pulled down over the windows yesterday evening.
Sam Peoples, 6, and his dad, Scott, were reading "The Big Tan Van'' to Rasta, who quietly laid down on the floor as his owner, Melissa Goodnow, sat nearby.
Zephaniah, whose father was from Barbados and mother Jamaica, added: "If I was advising them I would have said, 'If you're going to have a representation of a Rasta try and make a representation of other parts of Britain'.
People told me the name 'Reggae Reggae sauce' was too black, too Jamaican and too Rasta.
In the semi-finals, scheduled for tomorrow, Al Deraz will take on Al Rasta in the first match, to be followed by Palestine encounter with Al Daira.
The court heard that Miss Rasta, who was "fit, athletic and quite strong", lived near Mitcham Common and would often jog and sunbathe there, sometimes topless.
16), and Rasta Thomas, who will be guesting with American Ballet Theatre this spring--use personal websites to publicize their projects and give potential employers a snapshot of their past experience.
cereals and other products will be available as Halloween costumes this year in the wake of a licensing agreement signed last month by General Mills and costume maker Rasta Imposta Inc.
Garath Davies, 22, of Mitcham, south London, was to appear before magistrates accused of murdering Egeli Rasta on July 4.
EXPERTS are conducting an intensive forensic search of the scene where a body was found close to where missing ex-Harrods worker Egeli Rasta was last seen.
Yeah, I think there could be such a thing as a white Rasta.
As with any newly constructed volleyball team, the questions started at setter, where junior Rasta Naderi was making a big jump to varsity.
An otherwise conciliatory industry insider pleads for lenience in the case of homophobia among reggae artists by noting that "many of them adhere to Rasta philosophy, which views homosexuality as a punishable offense.