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Synonyms for pie

pie in the sky


  • a false hope
  • a fantasy
  • an illusion
  • a mirage
  • a delusion
  • a pipe dream
  • a daydream
  • an unrealizable dream
  • a castle in the sky

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a prehistoric unrecorded language that was the ancestor of all Indo-European languages

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In working with Driscoll's, I hope to help families create new traditions in the form of delicious raspberry pies that get passed down for generations," said Lebo.
Smith's Chocolate Cream Pie (1/4) 330 17 Marie Callender's Blueberry Cobbler (1/4) 340 18 Sara Lee Homestyle Raspberry Pie (1/8--5 oz.
Ann Hankinson, a math teacher at Riverview, admits she also relies on Der Dutchman, but she chooses the raspberry pie.
Brossard Surgeles flagship dessert products are its Tatin and Normande apple pies, raspberry pie, black forest cake, and Lenotre recipe Plaisir walnut cake.
However, last year she not only won five first-place ribbons, she also took home the Best of Show prize of $5,000 awarded by Crisco for her Cherry-Red Raspberry Pie, a simple recipe featuring canned cherries and frozen red raspberries that wowed the judges.
You can take a bite of that raspberry pie that looks so pretty and yeow
But Katie had never seen such big succulent raspberries or tasted such a delicious raspberry pie as she enjoyed on her first evening at the commune near Cardigan.