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With the new RADNET1848-PS space-grade RapidIO switch, system architectures can now build upon this new backbone data interconnect.
nCore HPC and Prodrive selected IDT's RapidIO switches for key benefits in throughput, latency, reliability and overall system power utilization that could not be achieved with Infiniband- or Ethernet-based approaches.
Serial RapidIO is the optimal interconnect for clustering networks of peer-to-peer embedded processors, DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs," said Alex Grbic, director of product marketing at Altera.
Wireless and video infrastructure OEM's can now leverage a smaller footprint and cost reduced RapidIO Switch using the Tsi577.
The Tundra Serial RapidIO development board is a comprehensive design support tool that delivers a low-cost prototyping solution for systems architects, board designers and software developers.
Tundra continues to demonstrate that it is the world leader in RapidIO System Interconnect technology," said Iain Scott, Executive Director, RapidIO Trade Association.
The interoperability between the three silicon devices was demonstrated using an industry standard RapidIO Hardware Interoperability Platform (HIP) and GP3 linecard from Silicon Turnkey Express (STx) and a HIP adaptor card from NuHorizons Electronics connected to the Xilinx(R) Virtex-II(TM) XLVDS board.
RapidIO was designed to address what has become an all-too-familiar problem in the industry: communications buses that cannot keep up with the speeds of new chips.
Serial RapidIO (S-RIO) is a high-throughput, low-latency interconnect protocol optimized for embedded systems.
IDT s RapidIO 10xN solutions support the OCP s goal for open, interoperable, vendor-agnostic solutions that take us from today s custom vendor-based HPC solutions towards open exascale computing.
Adoption of the 10xN specification by the RapidIO Trade Association and its support by our Serial RapidIO controller IP helps meet these market requirements.
Interoperability testing and the availability of system level platforms are essential elements in building a strong RapidIO ecosystem," said Iain Scott, president of the RapidIO Trade Association (a key sponsor of Euro SNDF).
RapidIO is being designed in at a very rapid rate by leading vendors since they see the advantage of using a standards-based interconnect rather than proprietary options," said Sam Fuller, president of the RapidIO Trade Association.
IDT's RapidIO Gen2 interface operates at an aggregate bandwidth of up to 20 Gbps using four serial lanes, each at up to 6.
From design to implementation and volume manufacturing, this collaborative R&D effort is being established to expedite to market a new generation of RapidIO products to address the needs of higher-capacity, higher-bandwidth base stations and other carrier platforms, said Jack Harding, CEO of eSilicon.