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Italian painter whose many paintings exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance (1483-1520)

an archangel of the Hebrew tradition

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When he painted Peruginos or Pinturichios he was charming; when he painted Raphaels he was," with a scornful shrug, "Raphael.
Thus ADAM made request, and RAPHAEL After short pause assenting, thus began.
But if you like these wall-paintings we can easily drive thither; and you will then, I think, have seen the chief works of Raphael, any of which it were a pity to omit in a visit to Rome.
In the second part, in contrast to all this, a certain imaginary Raphael Hythlodaye describes the customs of Utopia, a remote island in the New World, to which chance has carried him.
The Transfiguration, by Raphael, is an eminent example of this peculiar merit.
He did as Raphael had done -- he changed his style, and painted, in the fashion of the Albanian, two goddesses rather than two queens.
He was an old Italian, a rival of the Raphaels and the Caracci, but an unfortunate rival.
Nobody saw it coming, if reactions from social media on President Kenyatta's creation of a Cabinet Secretary without portfolio and the nomination of Raphael Tuju to the position are anything to go by.
The two main curators Catherine Whistler and Ben Thomas were able to chart Raphael's rapid development as a draughtsman from the late 1490s until his premature death in 1520 in such depth thanks to the Ashmolean's superb Raphael holdings, the majority rescued from the break-up of Sir Thomas Lawrence's collection in 1830.
Summary: In autumn 2015, Raphael, who was two by then, started his first course of treatment.
Acoustic blues singer-songwriter Raphael Callaghan ACOUSTIC blues singer-songwriter Raphael Callaghan performs a solo concert in Denbigh next week.
BLUES musician - and former ECHO journalist - Raphael Callaghan returns to Liverpool next week as guest artist at the Everyman Folk Club.
Raphael is a 12-year-old Caucasian male with moderate to severe pain in his scrotum and pelvic area brought to the emergency department (ED) by his mother.
Greater Media has promoted Heidi Raphael to senior vice present of Corporate Communications.
In particular, I'm interested in the social space of dining in which Raphael conducts his discourse with Adam and the tensions--some might say contradictions--implicit in his pedagogy between liberty and containment, between the incitement to and curtailment of investigation into the created order.