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(thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work

the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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When you have random data, you can get all sorts of apparent signals, just like when you flip a coin, you sometimes end up with five heads in a row," Hough said by way of explanation.
For example, a popular anti-fraud textbook, Fraud Examination, states that, "[ajccording to Benford's Law, the first digit of random data sets will begin with a 1 more often than with a 2, a 2 more often than with a 3, and so on.
For random data read and write operations, it can handle up to 6,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second) and 5,000 IOPS respectively, which is sufficient for supporting high definition video processing and advanced multi-tasking features.
The author has organized the main body of his text in thirteen chapters, covering sensors and actuators, combinational logic circuits, sequential logic circuits, converting between analog and digital signals, modeling random data and noise, detecting data signals in noise, designing signals for multiple-access systems, source coding, channel coding, data networks, symbology, and excel best practices.
installing a multi-protocol storage system for priority sequential data access and expandability to areas for random data access by the police baden-w?
Traditional data masking solutions, such as random data generation, proprietary data scrambling, and rules-based masking, provide many data management and transformation capabilities, but don't deliver the strong encryption and tokenization technologies that maximise data protection.
When Card Recon is scanning, it has to be able to separate 16-digit numbers and other random data it finds from valid 16-digit credit card numbers.
The data produced by modern encryption software like TrueCrypt or PGP Virtual Disk is usually indistinguishable from uniform random data, and has no recognizable header.
Using simulation we can compare a range of sample sizes to generate random data.
Many insurance companies have random data spread across different technology platforms or missing key data elements because of offline work processes, making it difficult to accurately predict the true values of pools of insurance policies.
Meanwhile, SSDs provide the ability to perform order-of-magnitude more random data accesses than hard disks, as well as high streaming bandwidth, which makes them ideal for solving the second part of the big data usage pattern.
Various scenarios based on the random data generator can be tested to see and to understand the problem better.
If the association we found was due to a random data distribution, only about 25 per cent of great subduction earthquakes should coincide with these special tectonic environments.