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United States writer (born in Russia) noted for her polemical novels and political conservativism (1905-1982)


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Yet taking his argument to its logical end, one must conclude that Randian philosophy puts women in an impossible bind: They are forced to choose between achievement, which Rand regards as the supreme human value, and heterosexual femininity, which she regards as the supreme female value.
He is, on one hand, ferociously committed to the Randian ideal of the artist expressed in his "dreamer" soliloquy: he views himself as a man of great artistic vision and greater will, defying an oppressive collectivist pressure toward the mediocrity of the masses in order to impose his "one vision" on nature and society (Johnson 2011, 251).
Clearly there are enormous differences between the Randian and Hayekian perspectives.
His discussion of Law's Mississippi Scheme is particularly engaging and enlightening, marred only by a strange and unnecessary Randian attack on religion.
Karavitis sees Dracula as a Randian individual pitted against the Marxist collective.
Being selfish in the true Randian sense is about promoting the Aristotelian concept of eudaimonia, or human flourishing.
Wright's Randian account maintains that all reasons to act are in virtue of an "ultimate end" (p.
The individual sovereignty conception of the right is, for example, reflected in a resurgence of Ayn Randian styled militant anarchism in popular culture, from the new found cult stature of those novels themselves, to its many more benign cultural reinterpretations, from The Incredibles, (20) to 24, (21) to The Hunger Games.
El mas famoso de los hombres-gusano, el Principe Randian, enrollaba, encendia y fumaba su cigarro en publico, y no era poca proeza.
The Randian, objectivist account of Lockean rights by Thompson and the radical libertarian view of Lockean philosophy by Mack highlight elements not accounted for in the eudaemonist portraits.
Visual effects is the one key piece of filmed-entertainment production that operates under the Randian free-for-all that those economic sages prescribe for America's greater prosperity.
The former high school prom king, Delta Tau Delta frat boy, Randian, bowhunter, and catfish noodler has led P90X workouts in Congress and sponsored (unsuccessful)tax breaks for brewers, distillers, and boozers.
They also advocated ending corporate welfare and breaking up the biggest banks, immigration reform, pivoting away from Randian hyper-individualism, softening their message on gay marriage, and accepting the conclusions of science.
House budget committee chairman and former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is a Randian as well.
The point is that wealth would no longer be whatever is decided by Tim Geithner or Hank Paulson or by Ben Bernanke or his Randian predecessor.