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United States poet (1914-1965)


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According to Randall Jarrell, the poet "lived in a world where newspapers and magazines, books and motion pictures and radio stations and television stations ha[d] destroyed, in a great many people, the capacity for understanding" his art form.
A el le toco noticiarle la muerte de Dylan Thomas, Robert Frost, Randall Jarrell y Delmore Schwartz.
Sentimental Education: Randall Jarrell Among the Women.
Bidart's poem emphasizes exactly what official lyrics must suppress: the ever-present fear of assassination; the dominant role violence and white supremacy have played in American history; and the disappointment so many have had occasion to feel in America itself, a conceptual and physical space filled, as Randall Jarrell once said, with "the ruins of hopes.
Fifty years ago, when Randall Jarrell was singing her praises, plenty of aspiring poets might have studied her books closely.
Randall Jarrell was a critic, poet, novelist and teacher.
Cunningham (Yvor Winters's protege at Stanford), Randall Jarrell (a student of Ransom and Warren's at Vanderbilt), Hugh Kenner (Cleanth Brooks's student at Yale), and Delmore Schwartz.
Rose reminds us that the war produced Joseph Heller, Norman Mailer, James Jones, Randall Jarrell, Kurt Vonnegut, and many more.
Moreover, he demonstrates how Donne's legacy--vis-a-vis the Fugitives--continued to influence the early poetry of writers like Randall Jarrell, John Berryman, and Robert Lowell during the twentieth century.
Justice Harms and Jarman mimic the fine close readings of poet/scholar Randall Jarrell whose essays like these were known for their accessibility and enthusiasm.
With style, humor, and candor, Words in Air charts the pair's gradual rise to fame in the literary world over thirty years, from their initial meeting at the New York apartment of poet-critic Randall Jarrell in 1947, until Lowell's sudden death from a heart attack in the back of a New York taxicab in 1977.
THE TOPIC: In 1947, the famous poetry critic Randall Jarrell gave a party.
I concern myself here with Randall Jarrell, one of the greatest poets of the Second World War.
Randall Jarrell and Robert Lowell both evaluated Bishop's welcome smallness specifically in contrast to the still more admirable bulk and ambition of Paterson I.
Marianne Moore was there, with William Rose Benet and Horace Gregory, Richard Eberhart, Randall Jarrell, Elizabeth Bishop, Charles Henri Ford; the young novelist Gore Vidal and the young playwright Tennessee Williams who had so recently made their names, and the English poets Wystan Auden and Stephen Spender.