Rana temporaria

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a common semiterrestrial European frog

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In this context, we aim to determine intersexual differences in body size and shape of traits related to locomotion and existence of common pattern of sexual dimorphism in nine anuran species: Hyla arborea, Bombina variegata, Bufotes viridis, Rana temporaria, R.
In Rana temporaria only sex differences were reported for forelimb trait DF, where females showed significantly higher values (Table 4).
2007: Sexual dimorphism of extensor carpi radialis muscle size, isometric force, relaxation rate and stamina during the breeding season of the frog Rana temporaria Linnaeus 1758.
Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Keimdrusen von Rana temporaria.
Caption: Races of the frog Rana temporaria vary In their potentially sex-reversing lifestyles.
The influence of land use on the genetic structure of populations of the common frog Rana temporaria.
Genetic structure of island populations of the anurans Rana temporaria and Bufo bufo.
So far, the IPCC have mailed out frog survey cards to 5,400 schools on the both sides of the border and to thousands of homes to check for the first time how widespread the country's only frog - rana temporaria - is in all the 32 counties.
Investigation of biological and mechanical agents to increase the consumption of pelleted food by adult Rana temporaria.
Response of Rana temporaria tadpoles to chronic doses of p'p'-DDT.
26) described two syndromes in Rana temporaria collected at sites of mass deaths in the United Kingdom: a hemorrhagic syndrome affecting the skeletal musculature and the alimentary and reproductive tracts and an ulcerative skin syndrome with dermal ulceration and often necrosis of the distal limbs, but without hemorrhage in the muscles or viscera.
Recent outbreaks of iridoviral disease have been particularly notable in Rana temporaria (United Kingdom) and Ambystoma tigrinum (Arizona, Saskatchewan).
The data came from 23 to 28 years of counting the grass, or common, frog Rana temporaria in three areas of farmland outside Bern, Switzerland.