Rana palustris

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a meadow frog of eastern North America

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Parasites of the pickerel frog, Rana palustris (Anura: Ranidae), from the southern part of its range.
none Pseudacris crucifer none Pseudacris triseriata none Rana catesbeiana none Rana clamitans none Rana palustris none Rana pipiens Rana pipiens (all four) Rana sylvatica Rana sylvatica 10 3 Modern Field Guides New Search SALAMANDERS Necturus maculosus Necturus maculosus Ambystoma laterale cplx.
Similarly, no significant differences in prevalence were found within the same locality during a time period of 3 y in Scaphiopus hammondi by Duszynski and Jones (1973), or in Rana palustris and R.
High incidence of two parasitic infestations and two morphological abnormalities in a population of the frog, Rana palustris, Le Conte.