Rana cascadae

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mountain frog found near water

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Rana cascadae, hereafter Rana) experience high mortality from these factors, other species (e.
Aggregation behavior in Rana cascadae tadpoles: association preferences among wild aggregations and responses to non-kin.
An investigation of the alarm response in Bufo boreas and Rana cascadae tadpoles.
The effects of kinship on growth and development in tadpoles of Rana cascadae.
We collected four newly oviposited (less than 8 h old) clutches of Rana cascadae eggs on March 28, 1992 from an ephemeral pond adjacent to Cache Lake in the Deschutes National Forest of central Oregon, United States (100 km east of Corvallis, Jefferson County).
Our results revealed density-dependent effects on metamorphic characters of Rana cascadae that are consistent with previous studies of other anuran species (e.
Kin preference is present after metamorphosis in Rana cascadae frogs.