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Rana, however, denied making any controversial speech, and alleged that it's a conspiracy by the Uttar Pradesh Government to target BJP leaders.
The fight scenes in KVJ is one of the highlights of the film Fefsi Vijayan, well known Action Choreographer of KVJ said, Rana is willing to try almost anything.
The only proper verdict I can bring is that I should dismiss the charge against Lord Rana.
Mr Singh Rana's son Jasknwal Rana, 32, is due to stand trial for manslaughter later this year.
The hearing of the case was held at Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench as court reinstated the judgement of registrar, and disposed off Rana Ubaid Ali plea.
Atif Rana also met Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan at the latter's residence in Bani Gala.
Rana urged Sophie to make a move on Kate while she tries to make her own marriage work.
The way he [Imran Khan] behaves, no one would even keep him as a security guard, let alone elect him as the prime minister of Pakistan,' claimed Rana.
Rana said, that it is the Shiv Sena which will bear the brunt if it breaks the alliance in Maharashtra.
Bangladeshi security personnel escort Sohel Rana, owner of the collapsed Rana Plaza building, before a court appearance in Dhaka on Tuesday.
05 January 2017 - Cambridge, Mass-based biotechnology company RaNA Therapeutics has acquired the MRT mRNA therapy platform of Dublin, Ireland-based specialty biopharmaceutical company Shire plc (NASDAQ: SHPG) to advance programs in cystic fibrosis and urea cycle disorders, the company said.
This was stated by President Punjab Monitoring Association (PMA) President Rana Ashfaq Ahmad whilepresiding a meeting of the association.
has connected its 8,607 fiber mile network to the RANA data center in Lexington, VA.
THE promising Parveen Rana considers himself lucky to be groomed by none other than Sushil Kumar, for he belongs to the same weight category as the two- time Olympic medallist.
One year after the Rana Plaza tragedy, retailers and brands have deposited a total of $17 million so far with the Rana Plaza Donor Trust Fund to compensate victims of the building collapse that took the lives of at least 1,135 people.