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the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical

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The ratio of distances of mental foramen from symphysis menti (EG) and posterior border of ramus of mandible (FH) is 1: 2.
The region of the bone between the neck of the mandible and a hori-zontal line in the ramus of mandible just above the mandibular foramen was removed carefully to ex-pose the pterygomandibular space.
The angles, height, and width of ramus of mandible were measured on both right and left sides and the mean of both the sides were taken for each parameter.
Local Examination: There was diffused boney hard swelling extending from right side ramus of mandible to the left side ramus of mandible.
On physical examination, the area presented a painless, fluctuating and somewhat thickened swelling just beneath horizontal ramus of mandible.
The distance on the occlusal plane line form the point of intersection of the line passing from the distal surface of second molar to anterior border of ramus of mandible was measured to determine the space available for third molars.
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