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pungent Old World weedy plant

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As for the ramsons (wild garlic), along with asparagus it's one of my favourite seasonal vegetables of the moment and I love it because it's free.
Then add onion or garlic, plus carrot, ramson (wild garlic), thyme, basil, peppercorns, one bay leaf, salt and half a bottle of Chardonnay.
If you're after a really old story, look for wild garlic or ramsons growing on the forest floor and stone or earth forest boundaries.
Completed forms should be sent to Tim Devlin, Ramsons, Maidstone Road, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0RD.
The Clarion Inn & Suites Albany, owned by Ramsons One, Inc.
Little Rock 72203, (501) 374-8677 7 Centennial Expansion Ramsons Inc.
Gower is an all round resource for plant and ower lovers, in the spring oering bluebells, ramsons, cowslip and common dog-violet, in the summer, thrift, lady's bedstraw, sea bindweed and viper's bugloss and autumn and winter providing ivy, gorse, mosses, lichens and fungi including olive earth-tongue, mushrooms and puballs.
It is known for spring displays of bluebell, ramsons, wood anemone, yellow archangel and numerous other woodland flowers.
Now is the key period to experience the UK's wild garlic, or ramsons crop, at its best.
Diolch yn fawr i Miriam Startin Cricieth am ei llythyr diddorol am craf y geifr (Allium ursinum; ramsons neu wild garlic).
TO continue my theme from a couple of weeks ago, the use of ramsons, or wild garlic, is sadly under-known.
The early spring blooms may be gone (even the foliage of lesser celandine is now dying right back) but bluebells, primroses and cowslips are still with us, while ramsons, stitchworts, woodruff, yellow archangel and wood anenomes are in their prime.
Tenders are invited for Pin For Ramsons Hook Of Lifting Tackle Of 50 Ton E.