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The first summit was held in Rambouillet, France on November 15-17, 1975, and included the six "major industrialized democracies": the United States, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Japan.
Now, PCM Dosys of Rambouillet, France, aims to eliminate these problems with a just-in-time method of injecting and mixing fruit immediately before the filling hopper.
He commanded a sector in northwestern Kosovo and spoke out against the Western-drafted peace plan submitted by the United States and its partners at Rambouillet, France, in February.
But in what Belgrade pointed to as a victory, the proposals accepted Thursday do not include a new examination of Kosovo's sovereignty after three years or any referendum on that topic, as did the draft proposals accepted in March in Rambouillet, France, by the Albanian side only.
Mr Robertson said it was a prudent contingency move and did not prejudge the outcome of peace talks in Rambouillet, France, between Serbs and the Albanian ethnic minority pushing for independence.
The breakthrough came on the first full day of peace talks between Serbs and ethnic Albanians at Rambouillet, France.
GraphOn Corporation (OTCBB:GOJO), a leading worldwide developer of application publishing and Web-enabling software solutions, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Altisys, an independent software vendor (ISV) headquartered in Rambouillet, France.
Since the summits of industrialized nations began in 1975 in Rambouillet, France, the presidency has been rotated among the G-7 nations in the order of the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada.
AThe member states have grown from six when the first summit was held in 1975 in Rambouillet, France, to the present eight.