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shrubby lichens of the family Usneaceae having a flattened thallus

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New aliphatic acid from lichens, Desmaziera evernioides and Ramalina bourgeana.
130) Finally, Julia Babcock and Ramalina Steiner's 1999 study addresses Rosenfeld's suggestion that there is little difference in reassault rates between batterers who are arrested and batterers who complete a treatment program.
Below this there are supralittoral xerophytic lichens; this is the Ramalina sufruticosa horizon, with many species adapted to dryness.
Coastal Ramalina populations grow year-round, receiving a large part of their water from fog and/or dew, and they are found mainly in evergreen trees (Boucher and Nash 1990a).
Differences in the cell walls and extracellular polymers of the two Trebouxia microalgae coexisting in the lichen Ramalina farinacea are consistent with their distinct capacity to immobilize extracellular Pb.
Rehydration of the lichen Ramalina lacera results in production of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide and a decrease in antioxidants.
2] exchange, chlorophylla fluorescence emission and antioxidant enzymes in the lichens Evernia prunastri and Ramalina farinacea.
We determined a total of ten companion species, Candelaria concolor, Punctelia hypoleucites, Heterodermia comosa, Heterodermia diademata[cedilla] Phaeophyscia chloantha, Physcia tribacia, Ramalina celastri, Punctelia perreticulata, Parmotrema praesorediosum and Teloschistes cymbalifer.
Psiloparmelia dichotoma Elix & Nash Peru Psiloparmelia subcrustosa Elix & Peru Nash Ramalina andina V.
El estrato subarboreo presenta una cobertura promedio de 40%, el arbustivo tiene 50%; en la corteza de los arboles se encuentran epifitas, particularmente liquenes de los generos Usnea y Ramalina y algunos briofitos.
Ramalin, a novel nontoxic antioxidant compound from the Antarctic lichen Ramalina terebrata.
A census carried out on lichen Greater Seraidi allowed to choose the lichen species Ramalina farinacea.
Lichen rehydration in heavy metal polluted environments: Pb modulates the oxidative response of both Ramalina farinacea thalli and its isolated microalgae.
Antibacterial activities of Ramalin, usnic acid and its three derivatives isolated from the Antarctic lichen Ramalina terebrata.