Raja erinacea

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most plentiful skate in North American inshore waters in summer


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The biology of the little skate, Raja erinacea, in Block Island Sound, Rhode Island.
Effect of temperature on band deposition in the little skate, Raja erinacea.
Here, we report studies of the effect of histidine on the retina of the skate, Raja erinacea, indicating that application of this zinc chelator enhances the sensitivity of the b-wave of the ERG in an all rod retina.
montagui (Ryland and Ajayi, 1984); Raja erinacea (Natanson, 1993); Bathyraja sp.
Specimens of little skate, Raja erinacea (n = 18), and winter skate, Raja ocellata (n = 2), were collected by otter trawl in the vicinity of Woods Hole and the Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts.