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a percussion instrument that is made from a dried cactus branch that is hollowed out and filled with small pebbles and capped at both ends

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Match the words with three ways to shake your rainstick.
After viewing a video tape of the Jouett Field Day rainstick presentation, another student noted:
Learning how to make various sounds with the rainstick and developing an appreciation for a non-traditional musical instrument.
And then there were drums, and the sound of a pipe and even a rainstick, and I knew at last what Dahd Vid meant, why he said the music seemed imagined, that Anna Boubouli's music was like no other sound, that it was unreal in a very real way, which meant it was both, that these were the same, and I too felt dizzy and had to sit down: you can't hear such music for long.
A rainstick serves well, and adds meditative sound effects.
Sometimes Armand used just his voice; other times he took along some of his large collection of exotic instruments (Middle Eastern bagpipes, rainstick, ocarinas, etc.
Passion begins with the flamenco inspired Sonora Nights, which celebrates the beauty of the nocturnal desert with snappy guitar rhythms, castanets, and drums; Monsoon (not as ironically titled as a song celebrating a region known for Cacti and Gila Monsters might suggest; when the desert is wet, its often very wet indeed) adds a rainstick to its languid guitar, gentler drums.
Orff and ethnic musical instruments (like maracas, cabasas, rainsticks, bongos, and more) were used, especially those that could be played while moving, as were art supplies (large sheets of paper and wax pastels) and environmentally appropriate play furnishings (slides, benches, castles, etc.
Rainsticks also allow him to see inside and learn how sounds are made (cause and effect), as pretty beads swirl to create a gentle rainfall sound.
2) From left, Keelia Harney, 14, and Sara Toomey, 15, both of Paxton, share a laugh while making rainsticks.
Creative entrepreneur Lorraine Clay is throwing open the doors of her Northumberland studio in the hope that the public will go potty over her musical rainsticks.
1 A catskin handbag, with a matching catskin purse, from the Far East 2 Framed squashed scorpions and scorpion paperweights seized at Newport Docks 3 A stuffed snake and mongoose, frozen in a fighting pose 4 Small alligator heads from Florida, seized at Cardiff International Airport 5 A live monkey kept in a confined ship aboard a container ship - now living at Penscynnor Wildlife Park 6 Elephant hide illegally brought into Cardiff International Airport 7 Crushed tiger bones - used in Chinese medicine 8 Sunglasses made from real tortoiseshells 9 Rainsticks made from protected cacti 10 Live turtles and parrots
They will assist children in making rainsticks, a type of tubular rattle instrument, associated with the onset of rain, which has been used ceremonially by diverse cultures.
The Diaguita people of Chile, who live in one of the very driest places on Earth made rainsticks from dried cactus Stems filled with pebbles, The rattle of pebbles sliding bark and forth Inside the sticks sounded like a rainstorm and was supposed to alert the neglectful rain gods.
The rainsticks are made from cardboard mailing tubes, painted silver with splotches of color.