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Synonyms for rain

Synonyms for rain

to give in great abundance

Synonyms for rain

drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds


anything happening rapidly or in quick successive

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In this paper, the lognormal and gamma distribution models are used to characterize the measured rain drop size distribution N(D) in Durban as determined in [15].
He said Rain Drop will not turn its back on current clients.
Moreover, the presence of well established weeds with greater amount of biomass under zero tillage decreased rain drop impact, resulting in decreased surface sealing.
With the news Flintoff's hip problem would restrict his bowling in terms of how much he could do and at what pace, the chances of forcing a win were getting smaller by the rain drop.
Bob Burger has opened Rain Drop Cartoon Maps in Lebanon, a franchise of Fiesta, based in Mesa, Ariz.
It's a three-door, of course, and has similar stumpy proportions but the body has sharper edges and looks less like a rain drop.
In Storm Rider you're a rain drop falling through a wild electrical New York City storm.
Huddersfield Examiner weatherman Paul Stevens said: "It's caused by the reflection through rain drops with the sun.
And Kay Gulley of Springfield will present the program, "Making Rainbows out of Rain Drops.
In addition, its ClearSight Dome coating prevents rain drops and dust from collecting on the dome surface, keeping surveillance viewing clean and clear and reducing field maintenance costs that are inherent with conventional domes.
Low clouds will appear in northern parts and the rain drops are possible on the Northern coasts and Cairo, the statement added.
A girl wearing a mask looks out a car window as rain drops are seen in Taif, in this file photo.
A simple but classic macro shot with the rain drops.