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an area having a network of railway tracks and sidings for storage and maintenance of cars and engines

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Doctoroff, whose new venture, Sidewalk Labs, is located in an office on the western portion of the railyard amidst the shimmering towers of Hudson Yards, still believes the push for a stadium was not fruitless as it helped spur other crucial investments in the corridor.
He said that the derailment was entirely within the railyard.
The first phase of the project brings free wireless connectivity to the historic Iron Horse Park, at the centre of the new Railyard district and home to Lincoln's Haymarket Farmers Market.
The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners voted unanimously to support the final EIR for the Southern California International Gateway railyard at the meeting.
Recently I was able to play a level called Railyard and immediately the game brings a smile to your face as you are once again greeted with incredible graphics and environments as rich in personality as any of the main characters.
After the area was filled in, it was used as a railyard, a metal smelter and reclamation facility, a paper recycling center, a manufacturing facility for waterproofing and insulating materials, and a transformer facility.
In June 2011 California's South Coast Air Quality Management District announced the launch of a two-year study on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railyard in San Bernardino, a major transportation hub for the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex.
About 130 locals work for CP which maintains a railyard as a divisional and crew change point on the transcontinental line.
The terminal, covering some 27,000 sq m, is being built in Hallsberg railyard, southern Sweden, and is due to be ready in early 2013.
Star rating: UNSTOPPABLE (12A) In a Pennsylvania railyard, Dewey jumps off a freight train to race ahead and change a set of points.
Unite operates a portfolio of student accommodation across the UK, including sites in Liverpool at Cambridge Court, Capital Gate, Cedar House, Larch House, Lennon Studios, The Railyard and its 13-storey Grand Central complex, next to Lime Street station, which is primarily home to 1,210 Liverpool John Moores university students.
Department of Transportation's National Infrastructure Investment grant program, known as "TIGER II," for its West Basin Railyard project.
White light strafes the railyard as freight trains churn and click past burned-out tanneries, car yoked to car.
Wynkoop Brewing's first foray into packaged beer since the late 1990s, the beer of choice this time is Railyard Ale; the vessel is the humble aluminum can.
Twelve years in the making, the much-anticipated Railyard District (sfrailyardcc.