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Full-size railroad locomotives are a popular choice for industrial railroads, generally due to their historic availability, long life, and ability to move large numbers of railcars in a single move.
Union Pacific (UP) recently announced it has begun testing technologies designed to reduce diesel engine emissions in older railroad locomotives.
One is the environmental issues stemming from the heavy use of diesel fuel aboard ships, in trucks hauling product to and from the ports and railroad locomotives.
Reconditioned DC motors, primarily from railroad locomotives, were readily available and inexpensive.
Later, hot ashes from railroad locomotives became a major ignition source for grass fires.
7 billion unit that primarily manufactures and service railroad locomotives worldwide.
With the growing need for more accurate and reliable instrumentation, Ashcroft([R]) gauges soon became a staple on board steam ships, railroad locomotives and in industries throughout North America.
C lassifier goods name Of railroad locomotives, tramway motor vehicles and rolling stock; fixture and fittings and their parts; mechanical equipment for traffic control
14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Union Pacific Railroad has begun a year-long test in Oakland's railyards to determine if an experimental after market exhaust system filter will reduce diesel engine emissions in older railroad locomotives.
Using an activity-based approach, the port said the inventory focuses on five emissions sources -- ocean-going vessels, harbor craft, off-road cargo handling equipment, railroad locomotives and on-road heavy-duty vehicles.
Its RSC products have been used to build bridges for the US Military capable of supporting 70+ ton M-1 tanks and 120+ ton railroad locomotives at Forts Bragg, NC, and Eustis, VA, respectively.
April 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Building on its reputation as having the most environmentally friendly locomotive fleet in the United States, Union Pacific today announced it is testing technologies to reduce diesel engine emissions in older railroad locomotives.