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CUTLINE: (1) April Smith holds her 4-year-old son, Brady, as they roll along Sunday in a Grafton and Upton Railroad locomotive.
In the United States alone, The Comprehensive Guide To Industrial Locomotives (Reed, 2002) lists more than 2000 private rail operations using more than 3500 full-sized railroad locomotives.
Not until late 1934, however, did GM officials acknowledge the sales potential of the diesel railroad locomotive.
Finished products associated with these plating operations included natural gas pipeline cylinders for the transportation of natural gas and cylinder bores for large diesel engines such as railroad locomotive engines.
1 -- color) A Southern Pacific Railroad locomotive heads west from the 170 overpass on Chandler Boulevard in a 1968 photo.
Several sawmills - along with a railroad locomotive - still lie under its waters.
Department of Transportation and Brookville Equipment Corporation, the new GenSet locomotive uses two smaller, computer-controlled diesel engines in place of the single, large diesel engine in a typical railroad locomotive.
This three-way partnership agreement will dramatically improve railroad locomotive operating efficiencies, utilization, reliability and maintenance.
There are many acceptable projects to choose from, including replacing or repowering medium and large freight trucks, school and transit buses, freight switching railroad locomotives, ferries and tugs, oceangoing vessels, airport ground support equipment, and other vehicles with new diesel, alternative fuel or all-electric engines.
The facility, to open in about 20 months, can be expanded to provide flexible manufacturing capacity to support other GE businesses, including engines for railroad locomotives, GE said.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- When one of NASA's railroad locomotives needed a newer set of wheels, the one-of-a-kind Rotation, Processing and Surge Facility made the upgrade possible.