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astronomical telescope that picks up electromagnetic radiations in the radio-frequency range from extraterrestrial sources

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Even discovering a new pulsar is luck; you just happen to point your radiotelescope in its direction.
With the world's largest radiotelescope, he'll eavesdrop on nearby stars, searching for clusters of "intelligent" signals--signals made by beings communicating with each other, and maybe even trying to communicate with us.
NASDAQ: CYCL) today announced it has reached an agreement to provide connection to Internet2(R) service to the University of Puerto Rico and the Arecibo Radiotelescope.
A large chunk of the money will fund new research facilities, including a 1-cubic-kilometer neutrino detector embedded in the Antarctic ice sheet, a giant radiotelescope array in the Chilean Andes, and a network of seismic and other geophysical instruments spanning North America.
The Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR) will provide new data on these flares from their radio emission.
As it turned out, Jansky had built the very first radiotelescope and was listening to the radio emissions coming from the Milky Way's center.
NASA's current radiotelescope involvement in the SETI program, begun on Oct.
Some 60 members and friends participated in paper presentations, festive meals, and a field trip to the Very Large Array radiotelescope complex near Socorro.
His results reveal that electrons in freely falling, excited atoms close to the surface of a neutron star would experience gravitationally induced changes in energy large enough for a radiotelescope to detect.
Simon Johnston of the Australia Telescope National Facility in Epping and his colleagues discovered the nearby pulsar, which orbits a companion star, while surveying the southern sky with the Parkes 64-meter radiotelescope.
Because the hazy atmosphere of Titan prevents visible light from reaching its surface, astronomers aimed a radar beam at the distant moon and detected the reflected signal received by the Very Large Array (VLA) radiotelescope near Socorro, N.
The study marks the first time researchers have used a ground-based instrument -- in this case, the Very Large Array radiotelescope near Socorro, N.
At the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, scientists have begun using a 1,000-foot-wide, dish-shaped antenna -- the world's largest radiotelescope -- to record microwave signals from individual stars.
But for five of the eight galaxies in their initial analysis, Baum and her colleagues used the Very Large Array radiotelescope near Socorro, N.
With support equipment shut down for routine maintenance, the observatory's radiotelescope lacked the ability to do long-term tracking of astronomical targets.