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Indian philosopher and statesman who introduced Indian philosophy to the West (1888-1975)

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Radhakrishnan said that Stern action would be taken against the culprits.
Radhakrishnan who is a senior consultant at RAK Hospital.
Nair and Biju Radhakrishnan are accused of conning potential investors to the tune of millions of rupees by promising them massive returns if they invested money in solar power projects floated by Nair and Radhakrishnan.
Radhakrishnan also led the Global Applications organization within HP Enterprise Services, as well as various practices within the HP Consulting and Integration organization.
Justice Radhakrishnan, who retired on May 14, has gone on record saying that the bench was under immense pressure in the Sahara case.
com/article/india/india-others/india-launches-second-navigation-satellite-irnss-1b/) Indian Express quoted Radhakrishnan as saying.
His father M S Radhakrishnan, who lives in Bahrain, was already in India when the accident happened.
The future outlook for the sports medicine industry remains positive in the western markets, with a substantial increase in new indications expected to boost procedure numbers over the forecast period," said Radhakrishnan.
We are focusing on a few verticals like healthcare, education, transportation, retail, logistic and government sectors," Radhakrishnan said.
Singh called up ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan to congratulate him and his team of scientists and extended best wishes for its successful future.
Ratheesh Radhakrishnan, 32, who works with Anantara Hotels, is no novice when it comes to adventurous stunts in water.
Chairman of ISRO, K Radhakrishnan, said "timely detection and quick action" averted what could have been a massive fire that could have engulfed not just the rocket but the second launch pad facility at Sriharikota.
The actress was arrested on a complaint by one Rafique Ali, a non-resident Keralite who claimed that she had accompanied Radhakrishnan when he collected over Rs7mn from him.
From the starting point of her dissertation research in 2004, sociologist Smitha Radhakrishnan began to ask whether and how Indianness was being remade, given India's hailed role in the new global economy on the one hand, and the glaring contradictions this creates between traditions and modernity, caste/gender relations and equality, Hinduism and secularism, and the state and its citizens on the other hand.
Roughly half a century before Hick, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan leveled a similar set of criticisms against Karl Barth, who is often regarded in the current literature as the paradigmatic example of an "exclusivist," for making a sharp distinction between God's self-disclosure in the Christian "Religion" and the world "religions.