Rabi II

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Al-Dossary pointed out that most new-convert Muslims during the month of Rabi II were Filipinos, including 180 males and 24 females, followed by Sri Lankans, including 20 females and 4 males, then Indians, 13 men and women, then two Kenyan women and one Kenyan man and two women from Madagascar and one US citizen.
After a disastrous siege of a whole month, however, the caliph died on 18 Rabi II, 580 (July 29, 1184), either from wounds or disease (for A.
Cairo, Rabi II 1, 1436 H, January 21, 2015, SPA -- The Arab League today criticized the Israeli conflicting reactions on Palestine's admission to the International Criminal Court, describing them as fanatic and irresponsible.
Malabo, Rabi II 1, 1436 H, January 21, 2015, SPA -- Burkina Faso's chances at the Africa Cup of Nations took a major hit Wednesday as they slumped to a 0-0 draw in Group Against hosts Equatorial Guinea.
Tripoli, Libya, Rabi II 1, 1436 H, January 21, 2015, SPA -- Libya's Commission of Ulema today denounced the French magazine of Charlie Hebdo cartoons blaspheming prophet Mohammed (pbuh), noting that such act also defames some 1.
The Ministry of National Guard is currently preparing to launch the thirtieth session of Janadriya festival in the middle of the next month, Rabi II, 1436AH.