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abnormally high acidity (excess hydrogen-ion concentration) of the blood and other body tissues

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The RTA continued its drive and in 2011 it released its second application compatible with Apple IOS and Android systems, encompassing six services: taxi booking, calculating metro fare, locations of metro stations and service centers, bus stops and the mParking.
He noted that some RTA manufacturers have begun to produce two-toned and multicolored types of wood furniture that have the country-cottage look.
In RTA Head Office, a fair was held for second-hand books offered at nominal prices to RTA employees and visitors and the proceeds will then be donated to the School Bag project in collaboration with charitable bodies in Dubai.
In its announcement, the RTA said it "would like all car owners with owned registration number plates from A to Z to upgrade to the new plate design.
Working with RTA has been a very rewarding experience, one that combines my personal and professional interests in both construction renovation and helping people who otherwise have nowhere else to turn for critical housing repairs.
The RTA is always keen on keeping pace with the government directives, especially as regards providing comfort and happiness to customers.
The move means that the RTA has become the first government entity to launch a centre of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region.
RTA has applied BIM technologies on its projects since 2014, and also holds BIS accreditation to use BIM for design, construction, and operation and maintenance activities .
The people of determination need to be supported at all aspects of their life and the RTA is proud to play our part in extending equal levels of services to all customers.
Bank to tie up with RTA by launching this unique facility that provides our customers with a quick and efficient system of clearing their traffic and parking fines, whilst facilitating payment flexibility and customer convenience.
RTA leads PM revolution | RTA invites prequalification tenders for work on Al Ittihad Bridge | RTA launches five smart apps offering 30 services
Secretary RTA has appealed to public to cooperate with authority and avoid parking their vehicles on roads and parks because disorderly parking is increasing the traffic problems.
RTA was founded in 1996 at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York State and is now operating at four additional New York State correctional facilities: Fishkill, Woodbourne, Green Haven, and Bedford Hills (Prison Communities International, n.
Yes, there may be aspects of the RTA's management that leave much to be desired, and granted they have faced severe setbacks during the financial crisis, but in essence over the past twenty years the RTA has been on a progressive trajectory that is nothing short of inspiring.
Because of similarities in interests and common values, RTA parties can go into new areas such as investment, competition, labour standards or the environment.