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Synonyms for module

detachable compartment of a spacecraft

computer circuit consisting of an assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware)

a self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components

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Recent news stories and Web-site publications have disclosed Microsoft's plans for active participation in the optical ROM card market.
The console is available as a completely integrated solution, including a Flash ROM card, color monitor, serial cables and 8MB of memory.
Most importantly, Poquet machines don't have disk drives: software is delivered on ROM cards that take perhaps six weeks to manufacture and cost $50 each to produce.
Removable Non-Flash cards and drives include the microdrives from IBM and the Matrix Semiconductor OTP ROM cards.
Miniature USB cable for fast music transfer from a PC -- Two multimedia card (MMC) slots to play both MMC Flash and ROM cards -- Large LCD display shows track numbers and elapsed time -- Compact design measuring 4x2.