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After a very brief rest you stretch again, trying to increase the ROM of that joint a little more before again releasing it for a moment.
Thus an active ROM is determined by the strength of the muscles involved, not by the amount of flexibility that you have.
Because of this, to truly prepare the muscles for running, the stretches must involve the muscles through the ROM in which they operate.
We're using ROM at the front-end scale at Farmers Branch," notes Balcones Resources CFO Dave Stephens.
Michael Lachance of Unlimited Metals is another ROM user who had to overcome unfamiliarity with computers.
CD ROM is entering the stage in its product life cycle where it is becoming integrated into the day-to-day lives of business researchers, marketers, librarians, artists and consumers," according to "CD ROM Factbook" editor Jo-anna Jacobs.
With increasing consumer interest and the daily proliferation of new products and suppliers, the "CD ROM Factbook" pegs the consumer/ edutainment market as the industry's growth champion.
The PIC16CR7X ROM PIC microcontrollers allow manufacturers to enjoy the cost-effectiveness of ROM for high-volume production, while enjoying the flexibility and short lead times of Microchip's Flash microcontrollers for development.
For example, one common challenge that manufacturers face is "scrap," or surplus ROM stock leftover at the end of a production program.
1) Also available in 5V-only version: W78E516B (64KB Flash with ISP) (2) A typical In-system programming function requires a ROM-less uC, a Flash ROM and an address latch IC.