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(chemistry) a method of producing pure water

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It is worth mentioning that both the above mentioned Seawater RO Desalination Plants are successfully in operation due to proper design of seawater intake systems as compared to other non-operational or partially operational SWRO Desalination plants installed in Gwadar and adjoining areas since year 2005.
A third paper on development and testing of new class of membranes for RO desalination will be presented by Prof.
5bn, including construction of an RO desalination process plant, seawater intake, water pipeline, and transmission line.
Degremont, a subsidiary of Suez Environment, will supply and install the RO desalination facility.
Degremont, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONMENT and a world leader in water treatment and desalination, will supply and install the RO desalination facility, which is highly flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly.
The M3's 'smart' nature means it can autonomously adapt to almost any variation in source water, allowing the M3 system to operate in situations where traditional RO desalination systems would fail almost immediately," he said.
General Electric will supply the power plant turbines and Degremont will supply and install the RO desalination facility.
Befesa has constructed many impressive RO desalination facilities throughout the world, and Energy Recovery's PX devices continue to help these plants affordably deliver potable water," said Borja Blanco, executive vice president of Energy Recovery Inc.
It is a reverse osmosis (RO) seawater desalination facility that significantly alleviates water scarcity in Algiers and was the first RO desalination plant in Africa to be funded by public and private investment.
LG Chem will exclusively supply about 20,000 RO desalination filters, which can produce about 250,000 tons of desalinated water a day for some 800,000 people, to the plant by the end of 2017.