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a transferase that catalyzes the hydrolysis of ribonucleic acid

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Interferon relays distress signals from infected cells to neighboring healthy cells, thereby activating RNase L to turn on its ability to slice through RNA, a type of genetic material that is similar to DNA.
For the purpose of maximizing RNase production, we used the direction of the steepest ascent.
Tests of DBS calibrators made from dilutions of known leukocyte concentrations into leukocyte-depleted blood (14) showed RNase P copy numbers consistent with expected concentrations of cells per milliliter (e.
The extension requires two additional steps to the traditional transformation protocol: to allow the students time to treat their DNA sample and then to have more plates available for the students to transform the appropriate number of aliquots of competent cells (usually six: no DNA negative control, positive control of plasma with no treatment, amylase, protease, DNase, and RNase treatment).
The denaturation profiles of 10 [micro]g RNAse A, BSA, and total oyster heart protein are shown in Figure 5.
The most widely recognized duty of RNase L is to suppress infections by degrading viral and cellular RNA, but there have been hints that the enzyme limits tumor growth.
Sjolin, Hydrogen Exchange in RNase A: Neutron Diffraction Study, Proc.
Though RNase protection assays (RPAs) are very useful for complex mutational analysis, they have recently become popular for the simpler purpose of monitoring levels of wild type mRNAs, due to the superior sensitivity of the method.
The activation of the endogenous cellular RNase "argonaute 2" by double-stranded small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) is a central step in RNAi, resulting in the sequence-specific cleavage of target mRNA.
Tender are invited for Purchase of Essential items to be used for research purpose -,2 ml Eppendorf tubes with flat caps clear and conical bottom, sterile, DNAse, RNAse pyrogen free One Pack of 1000 tubes 10 Pacs , Soft Laboratory Tissue Rolls One Pack of 20 Rolls 05 Packs , Aluminum Foil One Pack of 10 Rolls 03 Packs , Micro Centrifuge tube sterile 1.
5% Nonidet P40 with RNase inhibitor, vanadyl-ribonucleoside complexes [8: Hamalainen et al], 1% SDS in combination with proteinase K to lyse the cells.
We used biotinylated RNase A in water as a model ligand.
This study compiles a large sleep study database of CFS patients and correlates these data with a limited number of immune parameters because it has been thought that RNase L could be associated with these sleep disturbances.
According to the settlement, Clontech has agreed that Invitrogen's four patents for "Cloned Genes Encoding Reverse Transcriptase Lacking RNase H Activity"--US Patents Nos.
In the example described here, an RNase A enzyme is converted into a zymogen by adding to the enzyme a bridge of amino acids linking the amino and carboxyl termini of the enzyme.