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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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A aplicacao sistemica de ordem crescente de RLL no capim Mombaca promoveu acrescimo no acumulo de massa seca total (MST), pelo incremento dos componentes lamina foliar (MSF) e de colmos (MSC), bem como na altura das plantas (Tabela 6) nos quatro ciclos avaliados.
Pour comprendre les effets de la dimension sociale du RLL sur les conceptions de l'enseignement de la lecture au secondaire, nous avons realise une etude de cas en rencontrant quinze etudiants (5) (n=l5) (6) qui ont termine la deuxieme des quatre annees d'etudes universitaires au Baccalaureat en enseignement du francais au secondaire a l'Universite Laval a Quebec.
The dimeric nature of RLL is in accord with reports on dimeric lectins from Agaricus edulis II (Eifler and Ziska, 1980), Ischnoderma resinosum (Kawagishi and Mizuno, 1988), and Pleurotus cornucopiae (Yoshida et al.
During this period Seagate announced new products that employed most of the available new component technologies--including thin-film disks, voice coil actuators, RLL codes, and embedded, SCSI interfaces.
Last night the Welsh Government confirmed in a statement it would not be putting any more money into RLL.
A RLL (run length limited) code [5] offers better dc stability, accurate timing synchronization and can support a higher storage density if a variable length code is used.
First incorporated in 1983, the company was acquired by RLL in 1995 and has continued to grow since then, using advanced pharmaceutical technologies to meet its diverse customer needs.
RLL is a fully integrated, research-based, international pharmaceutical company that produces a wide range of high-quality products in key therapeutic areas, including anti-infective, cardiovascular, central nervous system, dermatology, metabolic diseases, pain management and gastrointestinal.
The D2-260 CPU is a micro-modular PLC that offers more than 230 RLL instructions.
Sex Age Lobe Pathology % 1 F 3 d LLL Type I 3 2 F 6 d RUL Type I 14 3 F 7 mo LLL Type II 9 4 F 3 mo RUL Type II 4 5 M 2 mo RLL Type II 2 6 F 1 y RUL + RML Type II 11 7 M 2 mo LLL Type II 5 8 M 5 mo LLL Type II 3 9 M 4 mo RUL Type I 4 10 F 2 mo RLL Type II 8 * ECP indicates epithelial cell proliferation; CCAM, congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation; F, female; M, male; LLL, left lower lobe; RUL, right upper lobe; RLL, right lower lobe; and RML, right middle lobe.
b) Daisy chaining RLL codes and elimination of need to record unchanged aspects, results in high speed and major reductions in error correction needed.
00 65-megabyte, 28-ms RLL Seagate 277R hard disk drive and 1:1 interleave Western Digital WD1006V-SR2 Winchester/floppy disk controller - Microlab $527.
A second controller technology, RLL (Run Length Limited) provided higher capacities--a drive that would provide 20MB of capacity as an MFM drive can store 30MB if configured for RLL.
Because the drive uses the RLL (run length limited) encoding method to pack 50 percent more information into the same space as a normal, so-called MFM (modified frequency modulation) drive, its data transfer rate should be greater than that of an MFM drive with the same specs.