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Rochester RHIO had a unique start in that its original CEO, Lusticks predecessor, was from Exellus Bluecross Blueshield and saw HIE as a positive benefit to the community, and thus, played a leadership role from the beginning.
During the transition phase in 2008-2010, Rochester RHIO received several major grants in addition to its growing fee revenue, allowing it to build out its services to elder-care agencies and patients, radiology report and image delivery, EMS providers and Medicaid.
The regulations' prohibition on unauthorized re-disclosure is proving to be a thorny issue for policymakers developing consent regulations for nascent RHIOs.
Patients will determine whether all or none of their information goes to the RHIO, and which providers may see the information.
Rochester RHIO is a secure online resource developed by and for doctors, hospital systems, and other health care providers in the nine county Greater Rochester area.
As things stand as of press time, no RHIO has yet incorporated regular, active data exchange involving nursing homes, according to Clement J.
CIOs are implementing solutions that remove them from the loop and enable physicians to access images through RHIOs and HIEs.
The most successful RHIOs and HIEs are limited in scope and focus on a discrete set of goals.
According to Thompson, thoughtful, purposeful collaboration among disciplines is key to building a successful RHIO that includes behavioral healthcare.
Moreover, the federated structure allows for easy integration of additional hospitals into the system as the RHIO expands.
Todd Rowland of HealthLINC, an organization leading the health information exchange effort in South Central Indiana, and Ted Kremer of Rochester RHIO, the regional health information organization connecting medical providers across nine counties in New York, are being recognized for the important role they had in successfully implementing Axolotl's Elysium[R] Exchange, a technology system to electronically share clinical information to improve patient care, reduce health care costs, and improve the quality and efficiency of their organizations.
In 2007 alone, we saw failed or otherwise curtailed RHIO initiatives in Santa Barbara, Calif.
Axolotl's HIE Expertise & Proven Success Extended to Fifth RHIO Customer in New York State
the nationwide leader in health information exchange (HIE) solutions and services and Rochester RHIO, the regional health information organization connecting medical providers across nine counties in New York, today announced that six emergency departments are using Rochester RHIO to view critical patient information from data providers across the region.
The Santa Cruz RHIO is made up of area transcription services, labs, radiology, pathology and both hospitals in the community.