rheumatoid factor

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autoantibody that is usually present in the serum of people with rheumatoid arthritis

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Allegations of brutality by Scots soldiers flooded in since we told of the war crimes probe into the RHF.
James described how the boys from the RHF were looking forward to front line fighting in the Gulf War.
Sparebanken Rogaland has received a contract for bank services from the Norwegian regional healthcare administration Helse Vest RHF.
However, CCC and RHF are proud to guarantee a cost savings of at least $100 to any borrower who selects the Carbon Neutral Mortgage over a regular mortgage.
This study aimed to assess a novel method to measure RHF more accurately and objectively.
Norwegian regional hospital authority Helse Nord RHF has chosen the German clinical information systems provider iMDsoft's MetaVision for the entire region, the German company said on Wednesday.
Also thanking DMCI Homes were Sid Garcia, chairman of RHF, which is implementing the first phase of the BPHP together with CFC Ancop; Charlito Ayco, CEO of HFHP, which will implement phase two together with iHome; and residents represented by PAR Homeowners Association C-5 Extension president Warren Fernando.
The USD 30,000 donation that will be presented to RHF is from the U.
In this paper we present the structure of the RHF algorithm and apply it to a cohort of all Medicare beneficiaries who were in one of 202 free-standing nonpediatric NHs at some time in 2006.
Norwegian IT company ErgoGroup said on Thursday (16 October) that its subsidiary SYSteam has secured a four-year framework contract from the Norwegian regional health administration Helse Sor-Ost RHF.
Consider this: in May of 2007 RHF spent close to $6 million to trick out New York's Jacob Javits Convention Center--best known for drafty car shows--as a perfect replica of Sherwood Forest, replete with trees, hills, and a medieval castle handmade from 200,000 take-out paper coffee cups.
ECMs, to be fitted to vehicles, were in theatre and available for collection by the RHF on June 16, more than two weeks before he died.
A Task Issue order for the unit to collect the new equipment had been issued a fortnight prior to the incident, but was not received by 1 RHF (1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers).
Iron reduced from the new RHF will be recycled in an electric furnace while zinc oxide collected from the exhaust gas will be sold to outside companies.