rapid eye movement sleep

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a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs

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Describing it as "the most refreshing type of sleep", he pointed out that the REM stage is often interrupted during Ramadan, as many wake up for suhour.
Higuchi dimension of REM stage, and sleep stage 1--[nHFD.
Although large amounts of alcohol suppress the first stage of sleep (known as REM), sending us into a deep sleep, as it wears off the suppressed REM stage kicks in too early and we end up tossing and turning.
Total numbers of scratching for stage 1, stage 2, SWS stage and REM stage were 30, 55, 44 and 13, respectively.
The patient spent 1% of his sleep in stage 1, 78% in stage II, 2% in stage III, and 10% in the REM stage.
Diagnostic criteria include either a history of problematic motor behavior (such as restless leg syndrome) during sleep or observed integrated motor activity during the REM stage.