rapid eye movement sleep

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a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs

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Low voltage--high frequency EEG brain waves, characteristic of the REM dream state and of the hypnotic trance state, originate in the brain stem and move upward via neural pathways through the limbic system (amygdala and hippocampus) to the neocortex (executive functioning) (Henry & Stephens, 1977, p.
Most of our conscious experience with dreams reflects our REM dreams, and much less so our NREM dreams.
We also informed her that most dreams that occur shortly before awakening are non-REM dreams, which are typical side effects of SSRIs and differ from REM dreams.
The researchers now plan to examine whether people who have REM dreams about a maze task during a full night's slumber navigate that maze better the next day.
It is easier to recall REM dreams than NREM dreams.
In this manner, they have found differences in mnemonic sources between reports of sleep onset dreams, REM dreams and non-REM dreams; for example, sleep onset dreams have a higher proportion of free-associated discrete episodic memories than REM dreams.
However, REM dreams evoking the most anxiety and hostility were associated with rises in glucose metabolism in a section of the brain's frontal lobes that was comparably active while participants were awake and talking with an experimenter.