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a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs

(Roentgen Equivalent Man) the dosage of ionizing radiation that will cause the same amount of injury to human tissue as 1 roentgen of X-rays

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Inactivating the neurons reduced or even eliminated a mouse's ability to enter REM sleep.
Stipe, named after REM lead |singer Michael Stipe, will play Llandudno Town Hall tonight at 7pm.
Alcohol's impact on SWS in the first half of the night appears to be more robust than its effect on REM sleep.
Utility Tunneling Division, "First and foremost we would like to thank REM Directional Inc.
REM UK, August 12, Alexanders, Chester, 01244 340005 or alexanderslive.
Goals include driving actions that will increase supply; examining the feasibility of reclamation/recycling efforts; investigating development of alternative materials, and raising awareness on the severity and potential impact of REM supply issues with governmental agencies and industry trade groups.
Webex provided rolls to REM for a number of years," said Paul Schulz, president of Webex Inc.
Polysomnographic investigations in patients with PTSD and sleep disturbances have revealed increased REM density, reduced REM duration, and increased motor activity, Dr.
One of the tantalizing conclusions in this research was that some magnetic fields mimicked the behavioral effects of REM deprivation in two human subjects, one with MS and the other with Parkinson's Disease.
The REM sleep state is also known as "dream sleep" because 70-80 per cent of awakenings from this state were accompanied by dream recollections.
The success of REM has led to it being deployed to seven other areas of the Library, namely: Newspapers, Pictures, Oral History, Maps, Music and Dance, Asian Collections, and Manuscripts.
b) What proportion of articles focus on REM career development for the respective journals?
REM sleep latency was defined as the time from sleep onset to the first epoch of REM sleep.
These stages progress in a cycle from stage one to REM sleep, then the cycle starts over again with stage one.
THEY are used to playing arenas and stadiums but tonight there's the rare chance to see members of REM perform at a Birmingham venue that holds just a few hundred people.