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a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs

(Roentgen Equivalent Man) the dosage of ionizing radiation that will cause the same amount of injury to human tissue as 1 roentgen of X-rays

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The study found that as the amount of REM sleep decreased, the risk of dementia increased.
Our findings point to REM sleep as a predictor of dementia," said Pase.
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bacanora; REM, through its direct interest of 19.
Richard Boyce of McGill University in Montreal and colleagues interrupted mice's REM sleep in a more delicate way.
Stipe, named after REM lead |singer Michael Stipe, will play Llandudno Town Hall tonight at 7pm.
Alcohol's impact on SWS in the first half of the night appears to be more robust than its effect on REM sleep.
RBD is characterized by the intermittent loss of REM sleep electromyographic (EMG) atonia and by the appearance of elaborate motor activity associated with dream mentation" (ICSD-2).
Utility Tunneling Division, "First and foremost we would like to thank REM Directional Inc.
REM UK, August 12, Alexanders, Chester, 01244 340005 or alexanderslive.
Total cost of the REM expansion and Jackson County processing facility are expected to be $450 million.
The study will provide information on the electronic industry's extensive dependence of REM, and give participants the opportunity to develop strategic programs and projects to reduce the impact of shortages and/or restricted supplies.
In humans the time it requires to enter REM after sleep onset has usually been time related with a REM period occurring on average approximately every 90 minutes.
The REM-ON neurons fire during REM sleep whereas REM-OFF neurons stop firing during REM sleep.