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In addition, our findings of low expression of cyclin D1 in the absence of pRb expression are in accordance with results of other investigators, (33) confirming the essential requirement of functional Rb gene in cyclin D1 expression.
This suggests that problems with the RB gene are common for people with AML.
The RB gene, on the other hand, causes trouble when it is shut off.
More research needs to be done, she says, to find out exactly what the RB gene product is and its role in cell growth.
The Rb gene is an important tumor suppressor gene that is necessary for controlling cell proliferation.
Bert O'Malley stated that, "The RB gene is a master control switch for cell division and a major regulating factor against tumor cell growth.
Under the agreement with the NCI, Canji's Rb gene therapy product candidate ("ACNRB") has been approved by the NCI's Decision Network for development.
RB94 is a modified version of the naturally occurring RB tumor suppressor gene, which laboratory data indicates has significantly enhanced anti-tumor activity compared to the wild type RB gene.
In human tumors, mutations in the ras gene often occur with mutations or deletions in the Rb gene.
Loss of heterozygosity and microsatellite alterations in p53 and RB genes in adenoid cystic carcinoma of the salivary glands.
Using adenovirus to deliver the p56 and normal Rb genes, scientists showed that the shorter construct, p56, was more effective at inhibiting malignant cell growth, especially in Rb positive cells.