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Han said the Rb gene is mutated in a large percentage of human cancers.
The genetics involves the Rb gene situated on chromosome 13, which is large, with 27 different sections.
But when the RB gene product was activated, the cells stopped dividing.
Katahdin plants transformed with the RB gene showed broadspectrum resistance against a number of P.
About 90 percent of the children who inherit an abnormal Rb gene from a parent develop retinoblastoma in one or both eyes.
Helgeson and his colleagues now aim to unravel how the RB gene enables potatoes to stand up to blight.
Defects in the RB gene pathway are present in virtually all human cancers.
Positive-control CLs expressing the rb gene included 3C3 and 5C3, which are IM9 subclones transfected with pZipRb, a plasmid containing the rb gene-coding sequence, and have been shown to express the gene product (17).
11,24,25) Its deletion in tumors of patients with heritable retinoblastoma and the high incidence of sarcomas in the survivors of this disease suggested that the deletion of the Rb gene might be associated with the development of sarcomas.
This observation raised the possibility that problems with the RB gene might help explain some cancers that strike the general population.
The theory was also shown to be applicable to many tumor suppressing genes, among them Rb gene (Retinoblastoma) and BRCA1 (familial breast cancer).
Whereas the RB gene speeds cancer's progress when shut off, the ras gene causes trouble when a mutation turns it on.
The Rb gene is a tumor suppressor gene encoding a 110-kd nuclear phosphoprotein.