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Synonyms for ammonia

a water solution of ammonia

a pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3)

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This is due to the very low GWP of R-1234yf, R-717 and R-744.
The existing R-717 refrigeration system was supplemented with a single screw compressor, and system design improvements were made to provide Fresh Brands with a higher degree of refrigeration system redundancy for the new and existing refrigerated areas.
If it does (for example, R-32 or R-717), then the burning velocity is independent of humidity; however, if there is less hydrogen (for example, any of the R-1234 flavors being proposed), then higher humidity will raise the burning velocity, but only up to the same sort of level as R-32 and R-717 (i.
List of Refrigerants Used to Develop Equation 2 and Figures 2 and 3 R-11 R-23 R-115 R-141b R-227ea R-338mccq R-C270 R-12 R-32 R-116 R-142b R-236ea R-600 R-C318 R-13 R-41 R-123 R-143a R-236fa R-600a R-E125 R-13I1 R-50 R-124 R-152a R-245ca R-717 R-E134 R-14 R-113 R-125 R-170 R-245fa R-744 R-E245 R-22 R-114 R-134a R-218 R-290 R-1270 R-E245mc
The Hasegawa MODU-PAK is suitable for use with R-717 and R-22 and capacities ranging from 16 TR to 120 TR at -40[degrees] F ET and -95[degrees] F CT.
The third was a cascade system with R-290 (propane), R-717 (ammonia), R-404A or R-134a on the high pressure side (all alternatives were analyzed) chilling a pumped C[O.
Sandy Small of Glasgow used their empirical equations to estimate orifice performance of the environment-friendly refrigerants R-717 (ammonia), R-152a, R-1234ze (E), R-1234yf, R-290 (propane) and R-747 (carbon dioxide).