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the sacred writings of Islam revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina

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Ibrahim Bu Melha, head of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) Organising Committee, who is also advisor to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs, said the seven-section popular competition has branched into nine categories.
This was stated by the Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek and the founder of Tehreek Minhajul Quran Dr.
Addressing participants of the launching ceremony of Arabic edition of 'Mazameen-i-Quran-i-Hakim' (Subjects of the Holy Quran), he said the message of Quran is to promote truth, harmony and love, and ensure peaceful co-existence.
A report issued by the Complex on its distributions during last month, noted that (1,857,956) of the Holy Quran with various sizes were distributed, (22,765) of the Holy Quran's parts were distributed in addition to the distribution of (160,000) of the holy Quran's recordings and (340,680) of the translations of the Holy Quran's meanings with various languages as well as (17,125) copies of religious books.
Awad said CAIR is open to a meeting with Carson to dispel any misunderstandings he has about Islam and will send him a copy of the Quran so that he may educate himself about the faith.
While this find at the Cadbury Research Library at the University of Birmingham is important, the press seems unaware that a copy of the Quran that dates from the 640s and has about half of the entire book was discovered by a German team in Sanaa, Yemen two decades ago.
Up to 102 female memorisers from Ajman and Sharjah were enrolled in the course at Shaikh Zayed Mosque in Al Jurf Area, which aims to help learners revise memorisation of the entire Quran during Ramadan.
On the basis of this, the revelation of the Quran was gradual and according to the needs.
Crafted from around 200 herbs, the book was unveiled by Heddem Arts, a company that specialises in collectable Holy Quran books and rare Islamic arts and calligraphy.
It should be noted that the competition includes six levels, namely memorizing the Holy Quran as a whole with reciting, memorizing 24 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting, memorizing 18 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting and memorizing 12 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting.
HOLY Quran Recitation Branch of Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohamed Al Thani Quran competition will begin on November 22 with a 49 percent rise in financial rewards, said members of the Competition's Committee at a press conference held at Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs on Monday.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has recently opened the Mohammed Bin Rashid Quran Printing Centre.
Kuala Lumpur, June 20 (BNA)-- Contestant Ali Abdulrahman Al-Refae will represent Bahrain in the International Quran Recital Competition in Malaysia from June 16 to 21.
Fatima bin Mohammed is believed to be the first woman in UAE history to fully memorise the Quran to win freedom from jail
Mahfoudha bint Hilal Al Rawahiyah was honoured as the oldest participant and Abrar bint Nasser Al Alawiyah as a youngest participant, in addition to six participants representing the category of special needs people Muscat: The Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science (SQHCCS) yesterday honoured winners of the 23rd edition of the Sultan Qaboos Competition for Holy Quran Memorisation, at a ceremony held under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Hinai, State Advisor.