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the capital of Ecuador

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One would have thought his heart was a piece of ice; yet did he have a streak of warm in his blood, for he followed Maria Valenzuela to Quito.
Perhaps it would all have happened as it did, even if Luis Cervallos and I had not sat in the box that day at the bull-ring in Quito.
I will give one thousand sucres to the lazar-house of Quito if a bull kills a man this day.
It is not usual to have horses in the bull-ring at Quito," said Luis Cervallos, looking up from the program.
More men were killed that day because of John Harned than were ever killed in all the history of the bull-ring of Quito, yes, and of Guayaquil and all Ecuador.
I think she liked John Harned before he followed her to Quito to see the bull-fight.
It was one night when I was taking a locomotive--no train--down to Amato, about thirty miles from Quito.
But next morning when we came to pull out for Quito with a dozen flat cars loaded with rails, there she was in the cab waiting for us; and in the daylight I could see how much better a looker she was than the night before.
And the moment we pulled into Quito, she did what she'd done before--vanished.
Now, I'm not telling you its particular shape, but when you and I head out for it from Quito I'll take you straight to it.
Then it was doctors at Quito, and Paloma nursing me
Currently, Qatar Airways is operating cargo flights from Quito to Doha.
Summary: Quito [Ecuador], Jan 9 (ANI): An earthquake of magnitude 5.
Argentina can simplify the equation for their nervous fans, however, if they manage to take all three points in Quito on Tuesday.
Catolica trail Quito by six points in the Ecuadorian top-flight but they beat today's visitors 3-0 in the league earlier this season and, if the form is to be trusted, Fluminense should fancy their chances of justifying favouritism.