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document transferring title or right or claim to another

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contain warranty deeds or quitclaim deeds (or some combination of both).
Fast-forward 30 months, the time law enforcement caught up with the scammer, he "owned" numerous houses and had up to 15 people buying houses and quitclaiming, or signing quitclaim deeds to transfer any interest in the properties to him.
Quitclaim deeds and divorce decrees are both types of instruments that may require registration in Tennessee (TN Code Ann.
33) Transfers of Murphy deed reservations from the state to local governments occur by statutory reclassification of roadways or by quitclaim deeds of the reserved easements from the state to local governments.
To speed the recovery effort, FNTG offices in Southern California are ready to send firestorm victims who contact them copies of their grant deeds, quitclaim deeds (if applicable), and all open deeds of trust, which can help victims in dealing with insurance companies, mortgage lenders, financial planners and estate planners.