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a hypothetical mode of instantaneous transportation

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Sing the praises of our beaches, the quality of the water and the quick travel to work times.
Playing as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville and using the Floo Network to travel throughout the world, suspects use Floo Powder Tokens for quick travel through the fireplaces and Help Cards that provide spells and allies to protect from Dark Forces.
Colombo, May 27 -- With a steep growth in tourist arrivals in the country and most of the tourist preferring quick travel to interior parts of the country, the national SriLankan Airlines has begun daily flights to Kandy in the central hills, using float planes to cut a three-hour road journey to 30 minutes for 4,900 rupees one-way and 9,800 rupees return.
PRT is a concept within the public transportation realm that offers quick travel for individuals or small groups of passengers.
This will facilitate the traffic flow, ensures quick travel and alleviate the congestion at the city centre.
Other snakes may have been freed in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew, which demolished a snake importer's warehouse; the Everglades offer all the comforts of their Asian homes: a warm climate, thick vegetation for cover, trees for juveniles to climb, and waterways for quick travel.
Sauvignon of course comes to mind, and it's worth a quick travel around the wine countries to see what each has to offer.
There are other village targets close by, a lovely collection of alternative top addresses including Belbroughton, Blakedown, Drayton and Clent, all well placed for quick travel to Birmingham and the choice of Worcestershire towns.
But, quick travel to work, low house prices and the rural areas in the region are encouraging them to stay.
Grove Pointe will offer an on-site swimming pool and world-class health club, along with the convenience of 535 spaces of on-site parking and a renovated PATH station allowing quick travel to midtown and downtown Manhattan.
For recyclers, the encouraging part is that somewhere down the road, It seems likely that advocating for recycling will be about as necessary as advocating for quick travel routes.
BULLDOG[R]'s 12,000-pound Two-Speed Square Jack makes cranking easier when fully loaded, fast operation when moderately loaded, or quick travel when unloaded.
The new tool also enables SkyMiles members to manage travel preferences, purchase information and other details for quick travel planning.
The Terminal Link operation will provide direct, convenient and quick travel for patrons 24 hours a day, seven days a week.