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Synonyms for Quechua

a member of a South American Indian people in Peru who were formerly the ruling class of the Inca empire

a community of South American Indians in Peru who were formerly the ruling class of the Incan Empire


the language of the Quechua which was spoken by the Incas

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During subsequent visits to Ecuador, Cornell Capa was intrigued by Elisabeth Elliot's decision to continue living with her daughter, Valerie, among the Quichua Indians at the Shandia, Ecuador, mission station.
I've eaten mountain lion and margay, a rain forest cat served to me by Quichua Indians in the Amazon.
Charlie Atchue of Atchue Opticians in Millbury generously donates sunglasses for me to distribute each year to Quichua Indians in the Amazon, as well as Samburu and Masai tribesmen in Africa.
By far, the best hunters I work with are the Quichua Indians in the Amazon and the tribal trackers in Africa.
At their own expense, they've left Massachusetts with me on my 42 expeditions to the Amazon to explore the jungle and care for Quichua Indian children.