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a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decide

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The proceedings were removed from the Employment Relations Authority to the Employment Court last year, as authority member Paul Stapp said important questions of law were likely to arise and the case was of public interest.
39) The standards of review applicable at the provincial Court of Appeal would remain correctness on questions of law, and reasonableness on questions of fact (40) (although other equivalent phrasings, such as "palpable and overriding error" are often used to describe the standard of review on questions of fact).
But complex questions of law were raised over the correct route of appeal and whether the crown court had jurisdiction to hear the case.
Preemption is a complete defense to liability on questions of law, and the importance of defeating federal preemption cannot be overstated.
Her vision of the history of the family includes questions of law, labor, commerce, governance, sexuality, and archival practices, but one wonders whether the rubric of the history of family can or should be broad enough to accommodate her scope.
If given the go-ahead they would ask the highest court in the land to answer two questions of law - one of which relates to whether it is an offence "for a person in England and Wales to incite a foreign national in England and Wales to commit murder abroad".
The court noted that it reviews questions of law de novo.
1) Since that change went into effect, appellants' lawyers have searched Florida case law in vain, seeking a standard more precise than "abuse of discretion" to govern review of many rulings that involve questions of law, or of mixed law and fact.
CHICAGO -- Questions of law, science, health, public policy and ethics will be discussed as experts consider Americans' rights and remedies in this new age of biotechnology and genetics at Bioethics, Minorities and the Law: Rights and Remedies to be held April 5-6 at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Ala.
But David Mackenzie, of disarmament group Ploughshares, said: "If the court is wise and courageous, it will do more than answer the questions of law.
Equally inevitably, courts are being forced to examine many questions of law, and legislatures and other legal authorities are being forced to address them proactively through statutes and regulations as well.
Bhutto had a requested full court hearing on the grounds the appeal "raises questions of law and involves interpretation of the Constitution, which are matters of great public importance.
He said he would first rule on the facts of the case brought against Microsoft by the Justice Department, 19 states and the District of Columbia and then rule on questions of law.
As evidence of our societal unease, we accept as indisputable the jury's power to extend mercy, but whether the jury has the right to dispense mercy by deciding questions of law against the weight of the evidence and rendering a general verdict is "one of the great dilemmas in our legal system.
Such an approach would obviate the need to differentiate between legal and factual issues (which is not always clear cut) or to deal with mixed questions of law and fact.