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a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decide

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In upholding the trial court's decision, the CA's SED held that the issues raised in the petition filed by the Manila City government are pure questions of law that should have been raised in a petition for review and directly filed with the SC.
This bill will stop future abuses of power by making it clear that courts, not administrative agencies, have the rightful authority to interpret questions of law.
While raising questions of law, the board said, whether law provides blanket immunity as to source of financing and whether in the light of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2010, the accused bears the evidential burden to establish legal source of financing.
Their goals are to hone students' ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize difficult materials; to challenge them to think about broader questions of law and social policy; to train them to work with, and to develop confidence in their abilities to work with, traditional legal materials such as statutes and cases; to sharpen their problems solving skills; to enhance communications skills; and to foster social and ethical responsibility.
25) The distinct language with respect to modifications and reversals was apparently intentional: "The reports of the Ways and Means and Finance Committees indicated that this language was intended to limit judicial review to questions of law, a limitation comparable to that provided in appeals from determinations of the Federal Trade Commission.
But such a petition can be filed only if a senior counsel certifies that the matter involves important questions of law.
In the past, if the tribunal statute gave any right of appeal it was typically outwards to a court and confined to questions of law.
A three-day hearing before three judges of the Employment Court will be held in Auckland on June 24-26 to answer a number of preliminary questions of law.
Kasuri said reasonable time is required for the case, as very significant questions of law are involved, and a huge number of files have to be gone through.
Part of a series examining issues surrounding disabilities in modern society, this volume explores questions of law, ethics, and policy surrounding disability rights and governmental regulations and programs.
33) In other words, as I have argued elsewhere, (34) the standard of review on questions of law is correctness (or a lack of errors), (35) and on questions of fact is reasonableness (or an assessment that the findings of fact cannot be unreasonable).
The hearing was adjourned till date in office subject to availability of the bench and directed the Attorney General to prepare himself with arguments pertaining to questions of law involved in the case.
Baryktabasov should arrive in Kyrgyzstan, answer questions of law enforcement agencies regarding the criminal investigation launched against him and to put a dot in this case.
Under the new act, the Labour Court will become a division of the High Court, with an expanded jurisdiction to hear appeals from arbitration tribunals on questions of law.
In order to satisfy this requirement, Congress specifically preserved the jurisdiction of the courts of appeals to review constitutional claims and questions of law for all removals, even those arising from an area where judicial review is generally barred.