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rickettsial disease transmitted by body lice and characterized by skin rash and high fever

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One study reported the usefulness of swabs of skin lesions in the diagnosis of 3 cases of Queensland tick typhus and 1 case of African tick bite fever (10).
identified 3 cases of Queensland tick typhus caused by Rickettsia australis and 1 case of African tick bite fever caused by R.
Queensland tick typhus (QTT) is endemic to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (1-6).
Queensland tick typhus (QTT) is caused by Rickettsia australis, an obligate intracellular organism that is transmitted to humans through the bite of 1 of 2 known tick vectors, Ixodes holocyclus or I.
In addition to previously described cases of Flinders Island spotted fever (Rickettsia honei strain "marmionii"), we describe 1 case of Queensland tick typhus (R.
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