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the largest city in North Carolina

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Notes: individual sealed bids will be received at the city of gainesville department of water resources headquarters, 757 queen city parkway sw, gainesville, ga 30501.
The growth in visitation to Western New York this summer supported a number of new and ongoing businesses, including Canalside boat tours, which had approximately 20,000 customers, and the Queen City Bike Ferry that carried nearly 55,000 people across the river this summer.
The typical investments will be in the $50,000-$100,000 range, and are made at an earlier stage than the Queen City Angels would normally invest outside the First Funds.
The musical extravaganza capped PLDT Home's month-long festivities in the Queen City of the South.
The development marks the commencement of the first direct flight to the Okanagan Valley to emerge from the Queen City.
mad key subcontractors on the project are Gemini Construction of Hollis; Longchamps Electric and Queen City Glass & Mirror of Manchester; and Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
health plans); Queen City Physicians in Cincinnati, Ohio (medical group practices); and Women's Health Care Group of Pennsylvania in Oaks, Pa.
Bedak arrived at the Queen City of the South with his brother Norbert last Saturday, but up to now, not much has been written about him or his boxing career.
The project is 3-D seismic driven and focuses on the Vicksburg, Frio and Queen City sands in Hidalgo and Jim Hogg Counties ranging in depth from 10,000 to 15,000 feet.
The presentation was made aboard the Queen City Riverboats Princess and attended by students from Conner High School.
Alo's wake will be held in his house on RR Landon Street until Saturday when he will be buried at the Queen City Memorial Gardens in Cebu City, according to his family.
The event culminates with a parade of 35 floats tossing beads, Louisiana Moon-pies, candies and more to the 25,000-plus people drawn to the Queen City for the Annual event.
opened a kaleidoscopic panorama of issues, associated with Iloilo's history and reputation as the Queen City of the South, for which its eminent political leaders of national stature are only marginally responsible.
Backers of a proposed 204-unit housing development in Manchester is a first-of-its-kind partnership in the Queen City.