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Synonyms for alkane

a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

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99 (H-22) showed J2 correlations with quaternary carbon at I' 47.
Two of the quaternary carbons are attached to oxygen ([[delta].
The 13C-NMR spectrum exhibited the presences of 29 carbon signals which were assigned as six methyl, eleven methylene, eight methyne, two quaternary carbons (36.
The methoxy group was fixed at C-4, as it exhibited HMBC correlation with the quaternary carbon at d 153.
30) of the galactose moiety showed long range coupling with a quaternary carbon at d 133.
Quaternary carbon atom resonances, olefinic carbon atom resonances, and the large hydrogen content in aliphatic CH3-, CH2-, group resonances are observed in 175.
3) were attributed to those attached to an oxygen atom, and two of quaternary carbons ([[delta].
The 13C-NMR (Broad band and DEPT) spectrum indicated the presence of thirty nine carbons including nineteen methine (CH) eleven methylene (CH2) five methyl (CH3) and four quaternary carbons.
The Lorentzian magnetization decay corresponds with weakly proton-coupled carbons such as methyl and/or quaternary carbons.
In this study HMBC experiments allows the assignment of quaternary carbons C-3 and C-17 with protons that are two and three bonds away ([.
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