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half of a semitone

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this is atone and semi-tone scale with no mention of any quarter tones whatsoever.
Outwardly a tranquil meditation inspired by Foltynova's strong attachment to Turkey, it evokes Near Eastern vocal melodics with its quarter tones, long phrases and scales, but this is definitely not a question of mete superficial imitation--more an intensively lived influence.
It's little surprise a company that, for example, was excited to produce a work built musically around phonemes and quarter tones (Giacinto Scelsi's Les chants du Capricome, 1995) might be harder to finance than to attract audiences.
Foulds is noted for his early use of quarter tones, and these make an appearance in the Dynamic Triptych, albeit in an incidental way: "They sound a bit like an old LP record slowing down," suggests Oramo.
There is seemingly only arbitrary movement between passages exploiting artificial harmonics, ppp trills, quarter tones adhering to no system, and pizzicato notes given specific instructions for executing vibrato.
Yehudi Menuhin, who premiered the piece, opted for an alternate reading, provided by the composer, in which these quarter tones were changed to half steps.
Among them are metered trills that transform themselves into unmetered ones (and vice versa), senza misura sections, senza vibrato passages, and quarter tones reminiscent of a shakuhachi flute.
Successfully integrating modem Western and traditional Japanese elements, it employs an array of special effects, including varying degrees of breathy sound contrasted with focused flute tone, pitch bends, quarter tones, and extreme contrasts in dynamics.
The harmonic language throughout the work is dense; strings are often divisi, and there is a considerable amount of writing in quarter tones.