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a man who works in a quarry

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PAINTING BY NUMBER ONE Owain Fon Williams is hard at work in his studio, main pic, on a picture highlighting quarrymen out on strike and, top, showing off his first effort on canvas which was of a Highland Bull and, above, he's proud of the finished striking quarrymen effort
Behind The Quarrymen in Record Collector's list of the artists it would cost fans most to collect are The Beatles in second spot (PS83,012 to buy a copy of each of the most valuable items), with the Pistols in third position.
The Quarrymen were a British skiffle and rock and roll group, formed by Lennon in Liverpool in 1956, which eventually evolved into The Beatles in 1960.
Author Margaret Roberts John Williams and other quarrymen in the 1920s split rock into 14ins x 18ins chunks.
The Quarrymen, who date back to 1957, are playing 16 shows in 19 days to mark Johns birthday and biopic,.
The other Quarrymen quickly faded from the music scene but the group brought a meeting on June 15, 1956 - with another would be pop star Paul McCartney.
That first meeting was on a hot summer's day - July 6, 1957 - when 17-year-old John Lennon was fronting his skiffle group The Quarrymen at a church fete in Woolton, Liverpool.
Top of the list, by Record Collector mag, was a disc by the Quarrymen - the group that became The Beatles - estimated to be worth pounds 100,000.
Although exact records of early Quarrymen and Beatles gigs were not kept, a new count indicates Sir Paul has done 3000 performances.
Frederick Hartt, the late scholar, theorized that David had been modeled on "one of the mountaineer quarrymen from Carrara.
Compensation for the slate quarrymen in North Wales.
When the Quarrymen re-formed in 1998, it was hardly a reunion of Kiss-sized proportions, but in their own quiet way, these five 50-something non-professionals were making history.
His first appearance at the famed venue was on January 24, 1958 with John Lennon and George Harrison as the group The Quarrymen.
The photographs - many of which have never been seen before - show the moving of slate-filled wagons, quarrymen journeying to work, tools, workplaces and stunning locations and landscapes.
Bobby Elliott from the Hollies was on hand to check out the exhibits along with two of the original members of The Quarrymen, Colin Hanton | |and Rod Davis GARETH JONES