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Woolton Rose Queen in 1953 The photograph of John Lennon and The Quarrymen unearthed after more than 50 years with R Pictures: JAMES DAVIS Woolton Rose Queen procession, in 1953 The cake stall at the Rose Queen parade Mr Pryce Jones, rector of St Peter's Church, with visitors to the fete Pictures: JAMES DAVIS
While McCartney and Harrison were admiring Donegan live, the Quarrymen were rehearsing covers of his songs in the hope that one day they too would be rock and roll stars, and more personally, sell out the Liverpool Empire.
6 At 38 Kensington, a plaque - and Birthplace of The Beatles sign - recalls that on July 14, 1958, John, Paul and George, as members of The Quarrymen, recorded their first disc in Percy Phillips' Studio - a cover version of Buddy Holly's That'll Be The Day and the Harrison-McCartney track In Spite Of All The Danger.
Quarrymen band members Len Garry, Rod Davis and Colin Hanton have spoken about the cinema and how the musician would often attend with Geoff Rhind and his father or sometimes different girlfriends.
In September 1956 John, Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths, Rod Davis, Colin Hanton and Bill Smith (later Len Garry), formed the skiffle group the Quarrymen.
She failed to mention that a previous Labour Government, when Mr Callaghan was Prime Minister, promised adequate financial compensation to the slate quarrymen, thanks to the presence in the House of Commons of three Plaid Cymru MPs.
We are the Quarrymen and we're going to play you some rock and roll.
Pete was to become the washboard player when, in 1956, John formed his first band - The Quarrymen.
A few years after they entered secondary school, John was caught up in the skiffle craze, being a member of the embryonic Quarrymen group, which, after many changes of name and personnel, became The Beatles.
They decided to call themselves the Quarrymen, Lennon's original band, and that night played songs including Three Cool Cats and Long Tall Sally as Ken played Hofner guitar and the group used his 10-watt amplifier.
Curator Cadi Iolen said: "Escaping economic instability in Wales, Welsh quarrymen and their families emigrated to the Slate Valley in the USA from the 1850s through to the 1920s.
AND IN THE END: Ken Brown, right, with Pete Best, at the Casbah club AT THE START: The Quarrymen at the Casbah, in West Derby, from left, Paul McCartney, Ken Brown and John Lennon
Gerry Marsden, The Backbeat Beatles, The Quarrymen, members of the Swinging Blue Jeans, the Searchers and the Merseybeats are taking part.
Cannily he hasn't gone for a direct impersonation, yet as the minutes tick by he imperceptibly becomes John - the mannerisms, the voice, the air of cocky vulnerability, so by the time he takes the fresh-faced Quarrymen to the Woolton church fete, the feeling you're watching Lennon is complete.
The gallery will include unique Beatles objects, including the original stage on which The Quarrymen played in 1957.