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One area has seen changes to the British Institute of Innkeeping qualifying examination, an integral part of the Modern Licensed Retailer scheme.
Specifically, he said he will propose a joint initiative to train IT specialists in the region under a common qualifying examination for data processing experts modeled on one that has been in place in Japan for 30 years.
Heretofore, the chief was responsible and accountable only to the Police Commission and the City Council, having earned the job through testing, qualifying examination, experience and job performance.
Other ECG education and a qualifying examination are emerging as useful discriminators in some settings.
In practice, this means that QU graduates will be permitted direct entry to the PEBC Pharmacist Qualifying Examination, which is typically reserved for pharmacy graduates in Canada and the USA only.
Prior Information Notice: Qualifying examination of cameras for process monitoring of sluices, ship lifts and movable bridges on federal waterways.
ICAI also conducts qualifying examination and provides certificates to successful candidates.
Shravana is planning to return home in a few days as she wants to appear for a qualifying examination conducted by the Andhra Pradesh government for the post of village assistant.
degree in Medicine from Niigata University and passed the Japanese National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination in 1992.
This reference will aid students in preparing for the American Board of Emergency Medicine's Qualifying Examination (formerly known as the Written Certification Examination).
At the end of the university and pre-registration training periods candidates have to pass a qualifying examination before they are registered with the society to practise as a qualified pharmacist.
Some trainee driving instructors are granted a licence so they can gain experience before their qualifying examination.
All applicants seeking reciprocity, however, are required to pass a qualifying examination to ensure they have satisfactory knowledge of relevant local and national legislation, standards and practices.
and introduction of a qualifying examination for enrolment of law graduates as advocates.
Then comes the final qualifying examination on July 10-11 at one of four venues in Ayrshire - Glasgow Gailes, Irvine (Bogside), Turnberry Kintyre and Western Gailes - when the difficulty of making further progress is of mammoth proportions as a mere handful of spots to move on to Royal Troon will be on offer.