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written matter preceding the main text of a book


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The court held that the IRS lacked the statutory authority to promulgate and enforce the new regulations, which would require preparers who are not attorneys, CPAs, or enrolled agents to pass a qualifying exam, pay an annual application fee, and take 15 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) courses each year.
Only licensed agents can be involved in transfers now, but the qualifying exam process is seen as a waste of time by everyone - except the FA, who have considered making their tests more stringent.
A lack of literacy skills, including communications, studying skills, test anxiety and speaking a language other than English, all contribute to difficulties apprentices face when trying to pass their qualifying exam, the report indicates.
Maher Masri, PCMA Chairman said, "The Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA) takes pride in being one of the first capital markets in the Arab region to apply this qualifying exam in partnership with the CISI; PCMA views this step as a clear manifestation of its resolve to upgrade the quality standards of practitioners in the securities sector.
The program requires intense physical training and all BLET graduates must pass a series of tests and practical exams including a physical abilities test, weapons certification, and ultimately pass a state qualifying exam.
The regulations also required them to pass a qualifying exam, pay an annual fee, and take 15 hours of continuing education courses each year.
Part 10), for the first time and requiring them to pass a qualifying exam, pay an annual fee, and take 15 hours of continuing education courses each year.
They have been selected based on their GPA and qualifying exam results.
AROUND 130 electricians have had their licences revoked after it emerged they had been issued certificates even though they had failed their qualifying exam.
They also increased the mean score on the Bagrut, the nationwide qualifying exam for both the highly regarded Bagrut high school diploma and for entry into university, by 5 percent and increased the fraction of students with university-qualified Bagrut scores by 6 percent.
Selection procedure: Applications received will be short-listed on the basis of performance in CAT and qualifying exam.
Some of us recall that book fondly as the basis for a graduate course or qualifying exam in risk and insurance theory.
Aiming to cover the topic areas under the requirements of the British Psychological Society qualifying exam under the heading of "Individual Differences," they include the history of theories and approaches and themes like emotion, motivation, the self, and abnormal development with discussion of personality theories and approaches to individual differences; theory, research, measurement, and the application of intelligence; and topics like optimism, irrational beliefs, social anxiety, personal relationships, and social attitudes.
She now faces her final qualifying exam in July and but has not yet decided whether she wants to specialise in any particular field later in her career.