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written matter preceding the main text of a book


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AROUND 130 electricians have had their licences revoked after it emerged they had been issued certificates even though they had failed their qualifying exam.
12 (ANI): It was a qualifying exam with a difference.
Some of us recall that book fondly as the basis for a graduate course or qualifying exam in risk and insurance theory.
Aiming to cover the topic areas under the requirements of the British Psychological Society qualifying exam under the heading of "Individual Differences," they include the history of theories and approaches and themes like emotion, motivation, the self, and abnormal development with discussion of personality theories and approaches to individual differences; theory, research, measurement, and the application of intelligence; and topics like optimism, irrational beliefs, social anxiety, personal relationships, and social attitudes.
She now faces her final qualifying exam in July and but has not yet decided whether she wants to specialise in any particular field later in her career.
He reported that on November 20 ISNA supported the Philippine Nurses Association request to the Board of Nursing to eliminate the CGFNS Qualifying Exam as a requirement for licensure.
In Scotland, the qualifying exam or "quali", similar to the English 11-plus, was abolished in 1957.
three 30-minute web-based seminars and take a qualifying exam.
a BSc (Hons) degree in Optometry and (depending on your degree result) you may also need Part 1 of the GOC's Professional Qualifying Exam.
The comment of one professor that "everything matters" could be simply an abstract statement about a holistic view of the world, but it takes on added force for Aaron when he is confronted with an ethical decision on the eve of the qualifying exam.
Those seeking a Healthy Homes Specialist credential also must be at least 21 years old, have five years of experience in housing, environmental health or public health, earn at least a 70 percent score on a qualifying exam and complete an online home assessment exercise.
This CGFNS certification program consisted of a credentials review and a one-day qualifying exam of nursing knowledge and English language skills.
High school students across the country are invited to enter the first round of the competition, which is aimed at emphasizing the importance of language arts skills, by taking either a national qualifying exam online or in their schools.
After fast-tracking his master's and writing the PhD qualifying exam (which he cites as one of the toughest hurdles he faced in completing his doctorate), Chaplin settled in to his research, which focused on the drying process of pharmaceuticals.
Last year, the district looked at test scores for 10th-graders on the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam, and found that students who took at least one CTE course performed better than those who took none.